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Shayari 1.

Sometimes this love laughs,Sometimes this love makes you cry,This love reminds me of every moment,Whether or not you want to be,This love makes you feel.'

Shayari 2.

People say life is not incomplete due to the loss of one person,But with the addition of millions, the deficiency of that one is not fulfilled.

Shayari 3 . 

After LoveWhat a beautiful feeling,Even after getting away, I think…like you are around me every moment.

Shayari 4 .

If you want to see Pagli, then see with loveSuch crooked crooked peoples also see your family members.
A strange war broke out in the night,The eye says to sleep, the heart says to cry.

Shayari 5.

If I love you then I love Nirma PaverBecauseShe saysUse firstTrust again.
People say it's hard to loveAnd the teacher used to sayWhat seems hardRepeat it again.

Shayari 6.

Maybe this time something happened to us, the relationship turned into a different color of Wafa, it was better than the moonlight of the ashes, let us start the sun again with the same twist.

Shayari 7.

When I remember you I shudder, I am afraid of seeing you now, I have no desire to get there, nor am I afraid of losing, why do I go back on my own wish.

Shayari 8.

Luck is bad or I am bad… This decision could not be made, I became everyone, no one could be mine.
They left us alone in the paths, they continued to walk in non-shelters, maybe I did not like them, only then they fell in the arms of others.

Shayari 9.

A habit of time is very good, as it passes, the successful person may not be happy, the happy person becomes successful.

Shayari 10.

It is true to see my friends, try and see me coming to me in the same way, never change gold, never change your color, watch it as often as you can.

Shayari 11.

We are still afraid of making a heart
Afraid to flower in the garden
Somebody's heart will be broken by our choice
That's why we're afraid of making girl Fred.

Shayari 12.

Laughing at the face
We made you cry today
Did not call me
I heard caller toon
I forgot about you.

Shayari 13.

Do not understand anything about the heart
The world gave pain without thinking
The one who has sung the pain we secretly
So we called you stone hearts...

Shayari 14.

O moon give a gift to my friend
Light up the tariff
Hide dark after every night
Give a nice face...

Shayari 15.

Laughing at the festival became our mood,
Crying in loneliness became a secret,
Do not allow the heartache to be revealed from the face,
This is the way to live this life...

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